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La Motora Agencia de Estrategia Digital Ecuatoriana con sede en al ciudad Cuenca
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Technological Development

Web Development.  
Careful design and interface adapted for mobile reading. Easy to find, and 100% self-managing, to be always updated.
Mobile Development. 
We focus on product value, looking for the simplest solution to the problems of your users. Only when we create a useful mobile app we can generate downloads and good conversations.
Web Applications.
From mini-games on Facebook, to interactive contests for fairs and BTL campaigns.

Social Media

Social Network Management.
Each company or institution is different, with different goals to achieve notoriety, preference, sales and / or loyalty.
Own content, constant monitoring and a clear timetable for the implementation of a personalized social media plan.
Consulting and Training. 
A complete and integral training to your company for in-house management of your social networks with those little details and new trends in content managment. Trainings and business talks with the reviewing of success stories.
Facebook & Twitter ADS; Google Adwords.
Precise metrics to your goals and segments.

Content Creation

Design and Illustration: We have strengthened our design team to be the core of each project or campaign we engage.
Photography: The daily content in social networks need constant support of photographic resources. Our accounts in Social Media and technological development have this service.
Aerial shots:  Uses and applications that can be given to drones are numerous; from panoramic views to mapping and architectural renderings. A good post always accompanies shots, photographs and videos made.
 Video Content: Always learning from the latest audiovisual resources and techniques, we deliver trendy content . Our films with Nano Drones, GoPro, or iPhone combined with a rhythmic editing, makes us produce high viral videos.

Digital Strategy

The information and knowledge that we have aquired over our successes and failures in digital media allows us to engage increasingly strategic partners of our clients. We have validated several business models and technology-based projects from conception of an idea to the execution of it.

Our Process

  • Concept

    Every digital product needs a script or a previous conceptualization.

  • Technological Development

    The production of the script, transforming the concept into a technological solution.

  • Execution

    An idea is nothing without an implementation time. A properly executed, meeting schedules and deadlines.

  • Promotion

    A good script, excellent technological development needs a correct promotion in appropriate ways.

  • Measurement

    Digital media allow us to measure in real time the market reaction to our development.