Corporate Social Responsibility



At present there are still companies that confuses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with philanthropy; although this is not the case of La Motora. La Motora CSR goes beyond the provisions of the law, and every day we work selflessly and responsibly.

La Motora internally and externally creates campaigns to increasingly further decrease the use of paper, and thus sensitize employees and customers to prioritize the use of digital media, to avoid excessive consumption of paper globally.

In addition La Motora through agreements with the University of Cuenca and the University of Azuay, provides an opportunity for young students to implement their knowledge and acquire new ones through the actual experience of working, the company gives them through their pre-professional practices under the tutelage of experts in the areas of communication, graphic design, programming and marketing, a great opportunity for learning.

LA Motora is also concerned about the welfare of their employees so that they feel happy in their workplace; Thus, the company offers flexible hours to all employees, so they can change their time of input and output according to thieir availability or personal needs, helping them meet its objectives.

House of Diabetes

Support for social enterprises is a priority at La Motora. Without the need to internally develop projects focused on health, we have given advice and services at preferencial cost to emerging companies that fulfill a social role as the House of Diabetes, which provides products and services for people with diabetes.

Elite Athletes

We want to introduce locally and nationally sporting talent, for which we have supported with financial sponsorship and advertising national and international cycling and downhill athletes; they are Chancuco Carrrión who competes in national Downhill competitions and Javier Colorado, cyclist who have traveled more than 48 countries. Both carry the logo of La Motora on their bikes with pride.

Free Conferences

Free Conferences at Colleges and Universities
La Motora has developed more than 10 free conferences to students of colleges and universities in the areas of social communication, engineering, marketing, graphic design, business administration; to encourage the development of projects and technology-based enterprises in order to solve problems of everyday life to improve the quality of life of their environment.

Entrepreneurship Centers

University of Cuenca – Entrepreneurship Center
LA Motora and the University of Cuenca since 2012 suscribed an agreement for students to realize their pre professional practices; also since 2015 working with the Entrepreneurship Center which filters 10 of the more than 200 projects received annually, to be analyzed at La Motora not only as a Academic project standpoint and marketing it commercially viable and to become a solid StartUp.

La Motora through the world by bike

A new friend who wears the badge of La Motora around the world on his bike is Javier Colorado Soriano, who has already traveled more than 48 countries.
We had the opportunity to share their stories with him and support him with a small part of the financing of his past by Cuenca as part of its long journey around the world.
Treat others as you want them to treat you; Javier took a really good impression of Cuenca and its people, hospitality is a constant value that we encourage La Motora and especially the support to elite athletes.

Junnior Achivement

One of the things that excites La Motora is entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement and Graiman Industrial group gathered more than 30 projects of students from various schools in the city of Cuenca, which where formed as companies who put up for sale its shares. After a thorough analysis of feasibility, La Motora invested in many projects, supporting and promoting the production of products and services that these companies were offering; this as part of our commitment to local entrepreneurs with the aim of encouraging the local venture ecosystem .


Animals Rights Observatory
As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, La Motora has developed a free image manual , website and advertisements in social networks for the Animals Rights Observatory. La Motora commitment to encourage respect for animal rights is very high and will continue to support the Observatory over time.